“Thanks to the wonderful compassion and thoughtfulness of egg donors, many couples have realized their dreams of having a family”

Precious Wonders was conceived as an entirely new type of Egg Donor agency, designed to place the concern of recipients first and avoid the deficiencies found in many other donor programs, including suboptimal pregnancy rates, excessive costs, and limited donor selection.

Patient dissatisfaction with the policies of other donor agencies were reviewed, including couples who spent tens of thousands of dollars only to receive two or three eggs, or in some cases paid thousands of dollars for baseline lab tests that other patients received free of charge.

Precious Wonders has corrected the deficiencies of other programs with many innovative policies, including:

– Prepaid baseline lab tests
– Accepting only the best egg donor candidates
– Repeating donor egg cycles at no charge for low egg number or quality
– One of the lowest egg donor fees in the country

These policies have the added benefit of producing extremely high success rates. One of the greatest advantages of the Precious Wonders program is our exceptionally high frozen embryo success rate, giving most of our recipients a relatively inexpensive second or third chance to achieve pregnancy if the initial cycle is unsuccessful, or if they desire to have more children after delivering a Precious Wonders baby.

Egg donors are young healthy woman who typically produce a large number of mature eggs. However, on rare occasion an egg donor can have a “bad cycle” and produce just two to three eggs, immature eggs, or sometimes no eggs at all.

We Are Unlike the Rest

When donor stimulation cycles fail to produce viable eggs, many egg donor programs will bill the entire failed cycle cost to the recipients (often over $20,000), then charge full cost for a repeat cycle.

A Better More Fair Approach with Precious Wonders

At Precious Wonders, failed egg donor stimulation cycles are repeated with a new donor at no additional charge. The cost of the failed cycle is covered by the program as long as Precious Wonders donors are used.

Rigorous Screening of Donors

To protect the health of the donor and recipient, and to minimize the chance of transmitting infectious diseases or genetic problems, Precious Wonders donors undergo a rigorous screening process including extensive laboratory tests, complete evaluation by a Geneticist and Reproductive Psychologist, a physical exam, and a pelvic ultrasound.

Most egg donation programs postpone the screening tests until a donor is actually selected by a recipient for her first cycle, and then the screening test costs (amounting to thousands of dollars) is billed to the first recipient.

At Precious Wonders, we feel that this policy is unfair to recipients who are the first to select a particular donor since they have to pay up to $3500 extra for these baseline tests, while subsequent recipients who select the same egg donor are not billed.

All baseline tests at Precious Wonders are completed for every available donor whether or not they are eventually selected by a recipient, and the cost of these tests are covered by the program. . . . making things fair for everyone.

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