“Thanks to the wonderful compassion and thoughtfulness of egg donors, many couples have realized their dreams of having a family”

Dr. Jun Tao

Dr. Tao pioneered the Compact Morula Embryo Transfer Procedure which significantly improved in vitro fertilization success rates, and dramatically improved frozen embryo pregnancy rates. Compact morula embryo transfer on Day 4 after fertilization improves embryo selection and implantation rates, saves the cell culture costs associated with blastocysts, and significantly reduces the risk of multiple pregnancy.

This method is now being widely adopted throughout the fertility profession as a new standard of care.

Dr. Tao freezes embryos at the morula stage which significantly increases post thaw survival and FET pregnancy rates, allows acid free assisted hatching, and reduces the total cost of IVF pregnancy. He invented and patented the gated side-port Tao Embryo Transfer Catheter which prevents contamination of embryos, significantly improving pregnancy rates.

HCLD Certified, with numerous research paper publications

Achieved first IVF, Frozen Embryo, and Frozen Egg Pregnancies in Arizona

Pioneered the Day Four Compact Morula Stage embryo transfer procedure

Patented the Tao Embryo Transfer Catheter and closed-embryo freezing system

Reproductive Medical Institute Complex at ASU Research Park, 2155 E. Conference Drive, Suite 115 ,
Tempe, AZ 85284 • (480) 831-2445