“Thanks to the wonderful compassion and thoughtfulness of egg donors, many couples have realized their dreams of having a family”

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Call Lisa Franklin at 1-480-831-2445 or e-mail at jthornton@ftcivf.com to obtain a password to view a more detailed description of each egg donor, including childhood and adult photos, special talents and abilities, and motivations for donating eggs.

Precious Wonders is a unique egg donation agency offering three distinct advantages over other programs:

1. Donors are Overscreened

All Precious Wonders egg donor candidates are screened for medical background, family medical history, and fertility parameters. They are also independently evaluated potential genetic disorders by a Clinical Geneticist and possible inherited psychiatric disorders by a Reproductive Psychologist. Only 6 out of 100 candidates are accepted into our program. Most other programs have less restrictive screening requirements, accepting 15% to 35% of candidates. The egg donors that pass Precious Wonders rigorous overscreening process are more likely to have more mature eggs, higher fertilization rates, with better embryo development and freeze / thaw survival.

2. No Charge for Failed Stimulation Cycles

Failed donor stimulation cycles are restarted with a new protocol or new egg donor at no cost to recipient. On rare occasions an egg donor will produce only a small number of mature eggs, even in a program with overscreened criteria. Other egg donor programs will bill the entire failed cycle cost to the recipients (often over $20,000), then charge full cost for a repeat cycle. With our Precious Wonders program, failed egg donor stimulation cycles are repeated at no additional charge.

3. Pre-Paid Egg Donation Baseline Lab Tests

Baseline laboratory costs, genetic counseling fees, reproductive psychologist fees, and donor recruiting costs can be expensive, especially in an overscreened egg donor program. Many programs charge all of these additional costs to the first recipient that selects a new egg donor, in order to save money by postponing the laboratory costs for egg donors who are not yet chosen. It is unfair that the first recipient that selects a new donor are burdened with several thousand dollars of additional costs, while subsequent recipients using the same donor have much lower costs. At Fertility Treatment Center the baseline cost for all donors, whether or not they are eventually selected, are prepaid by the Precious Wonders program so that no recipient is unfairly overcharged.

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