“Thanks to the wonderful compassion and thoughtfulness of egg donors, many couples have realized their dreams of having a family”

Two – Stop Donor Egg IVF Program

Precious Wonders is the Donor Egg agency for a unique program specifically designed for Canadians, Europeans, Australians, out-of-state couples, or other patients where achieving pregnancy by Egg Donation is illegal, geographically distant, difficult to schedule, or too expensive.

Our “Two Stop Program” is specially crafted to make Donor Egg IVF a simple, easy method for patients and couples who need this procedure to help build their families. Achieving pregnancy through egg donation requires only two short day trips to our fertility institute in Phoenix, Arizona – a three hour “first stop” followed by a one hour “second stop”. Our Two Stop Program is not only simple and convenient, it also has a very high success rate and overall low cost per pregnancy.

The First Stop

Arrive in Phoenix, Arizona
Consult with one of our Board Certified infertility physicians
Select an Egg Donor from our Precious Wonders Program
Leave a Sperm Sample to be frozen

Within two to four weeks the sperm sample is thawed and used to fertilize eggs obtained from your Egg Donor, and the fertilized eggs (embryos) are then frozen and stored until the second stop.

The Second Stop

Return to Phoenix
Embryos are thawed and transferred into your uterus

A Pregnancy Test is done at home 11 days later.

If You Become Pregnant – then any remaining frozen embryos are available for future transfer into your uterus if you later wish to add to your family.

If You Don’t Achieve Pregnancy – then the inexpensive Second Stop is repeated using any remaining frozen embryos to reattempt pregnancy.

The Two Stop program is custom designed for:

Canadians – egg donors must be volunteers in Canada and cannot be paid compensation beyond basic expenses such as traveling to and from the clinic. Consequently, egg donors are in extremely short supply and waiting lists for egg donor in vitro fertilization can be several years long.

Europeans – in England, egg donors must be volunteers and cannot be paid compensation beyond 250 Pounds Sterling, which is typically less than even basic expenses. Volunteer egg donors are extremely rare and waiting lists are even longer than those in Canada. In Ireland, many aspects of egg donation are illegal. In France, recipients must recruit an egg donor for another anonymous couple, then wait several months or years for an egg donor to be selected for themselves. Most other European countries have similar legal restrictions on egg donation.

Australians – egg donors must be volunteers with restrictions similar to those in Canada or Europe.

Recipients In Remote Areas – Couples who live in cities, small towns, or rural areas distant from a fertility clinic.

Very Busy Individuals – who don’t have time in their schedules for multiple medical office visits or the rigid medical protocols found at most fertility clinics.

Failed Previous Egg Donor Attempt – Patients who’ve had a disappointing prior experience with donor egg IVF, been overcharged for failed cycles, or had a poorly performing egg donor.

Combined Vacation and Egg Donor Cycle – Couples who would like to vacation at a popular tourist destination, visit the Grand Canyon, Sedona, or Scottsdale, relax in a Western resort, and during vacation achieve Donor Egg pregnancy at an internationally recognized fertility institute.

Phoenix is a worldwide destination for tourists, and although each “Stop” can be done in a single fly-in and fly-out day, why not incorporate a golf vacation or Grand Canyon visit during your time in Arizona?

For more information, contact Lisa Franklin at 1-480-831-2445
or e-mail at jthornton@ftcivf.com

Or visit the Two Stop Program website at twostopdonoregg.com

Reproductive Medical Institute Complex at ASU Research Park, 2155 E. Conference Drive, Suite 115 ,
Tempe, AZ 85284 • (480) 831-2445